FORMETER jQuery plugin

Version 1.3

Bring your forms to life by adding a beautiful progress bar to your contact form, CV, feedback or any other HTML form. Inform your users about the amount of data entered or if you'd like, prevent them to submit the form if the defined percentage has not been reached


Fully customizable

You can change the width, height or color of each progress bar. Also, with minimal knowledge of CSS3 you can easily change text color, text shadow, or box shadows to adapt it to background color of your page

Super lightweight

It will work without problems on any device, regardless of Internet connection speed. It will be quickly loaded and ready to bring your forms to life in a blink of an eye. The packed script weighs only 1.5Kb

6 styles to start with

6 easy to customize styles included: spectrum(from red to green), striped red, striped gray, striped green, striped orange, striped blue.

Well documented

In documentation page, you can find the step-by-step guide that will help you to configure Formeter plugin in seconds.
If you have any issues please use the comments section

Cross browser compatibility

The progress bars work in all the major browsers including the old IE versions.
*Note: in old browsers which does not support CSS gradients, the progress bar will be filled with solid color

Prevent form submission

If you'd like to prevent forms from being submitted, you can set the minPercent parameter. If the progress bar has not reached the percentage defined, submitting will not be possible


1.3 (Feb 05 2015)
Some compatibility issues have been fixed, so the plugin will work with the latest jQuery versions
Now, the animations are delayed, instead of trigger "animateBar" function on every keyup event
1.2 (Dec 11 2013)
The plugin has been completely rewritten
Progress bar no longer freezes after several type/clear or check/uncheck cycles
The bubble has been restyled
The progress bar has been restyled
Default selector changed
1.1 (Sep 10 2012)
The percentage bubble has been restyled
Was added a new feature that will allow you define the "minPercent" parameter and prevent forms from being submitted
Updated the documentation file
Was added a new example that illustrates how to implement the Formeter plugin with multi-step forms
1.0 (Aug 9 2012)
Initial release of Formeter jQuery plugin